VSP is the leather specialist designer brand, that marries artistic craft with technical evolution. The sales and distribution company of the brand is Vespucci Sarl, established in Paris in 2007. VSP has opened the first flagship store in the capital city of fashion and trend, Le Maries - Paris in 2014. Since then, the brand is managed through its main office and flagship store. 

The modern collection of VSP is underpinned by a quarter of a century of creative experimentation in leather, shearling, knits and fabrics. This creative balance exists within each of the collections. Its portfolio consists of the VSP mainline, innovative luxury with a feminine spirit, the youthful and energetic PEACE by VSP and VESPUCCI by VSP, affordable luxury for the active women.

PEACE by VSP is about urban style, sporty silhouettes and innovative details. There is a dynamic energy that surrounds the line and this reflects in its tone and activities. When people experience PEACE by VSP, we want them to feel a connection to the attitude and ideas behind the clothes. We want them to associate with our passion and sense of risk. PEACE by VSP provides the same quality and innovative history that our customers love about VSP, and injects a new and engaging energy with a distinctive style.

VESPUCCI by VSP handles luxury as a concept that is well deserved and creates high quality leather and shearling collections for people who appreciates individuality and global fashion. To celebrate the modern women, the unique collection uses shearling, leather and woven coats and jackets, leather pants, skirts and innovative accessory designs. VESPUCCI by VSP has quickly taken its place among the designer fashion brands and is sold in the most prestigious multi-brand stores in Europe, USA and Asia. Today VESPUCCI by VSP has built a wealth of experience in online retail, working with the best online fashion companies and reached ongoing success in the online fashion market.